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You can set another primary channel later by clicking the pin symbol of a channel in the sensor's Overview tab. Graph Type. Define how different channels will be shown for this sensor. Stack Unit. This setting is only available if stacked graphs are selected above.

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Choose a unit from the list. All channels with this unit will be stacked on top of each other. By default, you cannot exclude single channels from stacking if they use the selected unit. However, there is an advanced procedure to do so. Inherited Settings. By default, all following settings are inherited from objects higher in the hierarchy and should be changed there, if necessary.

Often, best practice is to change them centrally in the Root group's settings, see section Inheritance of Settings for more information. To change a setting only for this object, disable inheritance by clicking the button next to inherit from under the corresponding setting name. You will then see the options described below. Scanning Interval. Click to disrupt the inheritance. See section Inheritance of Settings for more information. Select a scanning interval seconds, minutes, or hours from the list. The scanning interval determines the time the sensor waits between two scans.

You can change the available intervals in the system administration on PRTG on premises installations. If a Sensor Query Fails.

Design Principles

Define the number of scanning intervals that a sensor has time to reach and check a device again in case a sensor query fails. The sensor can try to re-reach and check a device several times, depending on the option you select here, before it will be set to a Down status. This helps you avoid false alarms if the monitored device has only temporary issues.

For previous scanning intervals with failed requests, the sensor will show a Warning status. Choose from:. Sensors that monitor via Windows Management Instrumentation WMI always wait at least one scanning interval until they show an error. It is not possible to set a WMI sensor to Down immediately, so the first option will not apply to these sensor types.

All other options can apply. If a sensor has defined error limits for channels, it will always show a Down status immediately, so no "wait" option will apply.

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If a channel uses lookup values, it will always show a Down status immediately, so no "wait" options will apply. Schedules, Dependencies, and Maintenance Window. Inheritance for schedules, dependencies, and maintenance windows cannot be interrupted. The corresponding settings from the parent objects will always be active. However, you can define additional settings here.

They will be active at the same time as the parent objects' settings. Select a schedule from the list. Schedules can be used to monitor for a certain time span days, hours every week. With the period list option it is also possible to pause monitoring for a specific time span.

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You can create new schedules and edit existing ones in the account settings. Schedules are generally inherited. New schedules will be added to existing ones, so all schedules are active at the same time. Maintenance Window. Specify if you want to set up a one-time maintenance window. During a maintenance window, the current sensor and all child objects will not be monitored.

They will be in a Paused status instead. To terminate a current maintenance window before the defined end date, change the time entry in Maintenance Ends to a date in the past. Maintenance Begins. This field is only visible if you enable Set up a one-time maintenance window above. Use the date time picker to enter the start date and time of the maintenance window. Maintenance Ends. Dependency Type.

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Define a dependency type. You can use dependencies to pause monitoring for an object depending on the status of another object.

Cisco Jabber for Windows - Translated End-User Guides - Cisco

You can choose from:. Testing your dependencies is easy! Simply select Simulate Error Status from the context menu of an object that other objects depend on. A few seconds later, all dependent objects should be paused. This field is only visible if you enable Select a sensor above. Click the Search button and use the object selector to select a sensor on which the current sensor will depend. Dependency Delay Sec. Define a time span in seconds for dependency delay. After the master sensor for this dependency comes back to an Up status, monitoring of the dependent objects will be additionally delayed by the defined time span.

This can help avoid false alarms, for example, after a server restart, by giving systems more time for all services to start up. Please enter an integer value. This setting is not available if you set this sensor to Use parent or to be the Master sensor for parent. In this case, please define delays in the parent Device Settings or in its parent Group Settings.

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