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Most of the episodes listed here deal with insurgencies and revolts in the various colonies of the British Empire. During its history, British forces or forces with a British mandate have invaded, had some control over or fought conflicts in of the world's countries that are currently UN member states, or nine out of ten of all countries. French Empire??

Mercenaries in the third world

The Mosquito Coast Nicaragua Slavery outlawed. Yugoslavia — soldiers exiled in Eastern Europe. Britain breaks off talks aimed at establishing diplomatic relations with Albania. The History Press. The ultimate result of the War showed that the two sides remained evenly balanced. The war ends inconclusively. Historia Argentina [History of Argentina] in Spanish. Buenos Aires: orial Oriente S. Historia Argentina in Spanish. The Great Circle. Australian Association for Maritime History. April JSTOR Registration required help. History of the Balkans: Twentieth century.

Cambridge University Press. ISBN New Statesman, 16 August Archived from the original on 5 June Retrieved 17 January The Economic Diplomacy of the Suez Crisis. Said to Ignore Factionalism". March 11, Retrieved 18 February Retrieved S Department of State. Retrieved 26 November Retrieved 11 December Notes[] 1. Britain and her army, a military, political and social survey A military history of Britain: from to the present International Encyclopedia of Military History 2 vol.

This Seat of Mars: War and the British Isles, Yale UP; pages; studies the impact of near unceasing war from the individual to the national levels.

Is Narva Next? How An Estonian City Escaped the Donbas Scenario

H and E. C Priestley.

An outline of British military history, Ernest and Trevor N. Available online for downloading; online volumes; The standard highly detailed full coverage of operations. A Brief History of the British Army A Guide to the Sources of British Military History pages excerpt; Highly detailed bibliography and discussion up to ; includes local and naval forces.

کتاب های به زبان انگلیسی.

Warrior race: a history of the British at war Hachette UK, Historical Dictionary of British Foreign Policy. Scarecrow Press. The safeguard of the sea: A naval history of Britain, Vol. A short history of the British army Gooch, eds. The Cambridge History of British Foreign Policy, 3 vol, —23 , old detailed classic; vol 1, ; vol 2, ; vol 3. Reader's Guide to Military History pp 55—74 etc.

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Constitutional Convention Shays' troops are repulsed from the armory at Springfield, Massachusetts in early Cavalry dash for cover while fighting Apaches, by F. One soldier and three horses have fallen, while others continue to wage the battle. US Marines holding a captured Sandinista flag. Additionally there are reports Iran of organ trafficking General Stephen J.

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CIA Report. Retrieved 1 December January September 23, The Long War Journal. Retrieved 27 August Archived from the original on George W. Bush gambled on surging thousands more troops to the embattled country. It paid off. Al-Qaeda in Iraq is now a diminished force without territory.

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Al Qaeda in Iraq was decimated by the end of the Iraq War in National Review Online. Department of State. The Journal. Retrieved 14 January Bani Walid. Reuters Africa. Retrieved 24 January Governments and business depend on the consent of the people involved and even not directly involved.

Good men do nothing, evil thrives. These numbers do not include war dead. The governments are sorted by body count highest to lowest. All numbers are mid-estimates. While this list is as complete as I have been able to determine, it is evolving. Some numbers are incomplete and there are still five Communist countries that have the potential to kill more of their citizens.

Over the next year, each government will be profiled in detail on this website.

If you find this interesting, check out Nazi Body Count. This excluded 38,, million that died of famine during the Great Leap Forward. After the release of Mao: The Unknown Story, Rummel became convinced that the Chinese government was directly responsible for the famine, thus increasing his original estimate by 38,, Rummel Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Body Count: 58,, 2 69 years The body count only covers the years Rummel Committee for Human Rights in North Korea Cambodia Body Count: 2,, 5 12 years The body count estimate is complete Rummel Democratic Republic of Afghanistan Body Count: 1,, 6 14 years The body count estimate is complete Courtois Another 1,, is added for the famine during BBC News Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Body Count: 1,, 9 47 years The body count only covers the years excluding , from the Tito Partisans between Rummel Although Mozambique has , to its name, the Chinese Soviet Republic produced more bodies in a shorter time period and the estimate is low.

Socialist Republic of Romania Body Count: , 12 42 years The body count only covers the years Rummel German Democratic Republic Body Count: 70, 18 41 years The body count only covers the years Rummel Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia Body Count: 65, 19 42 years The body count only covers the years Rummel Excludes 1,, from ethnic cleansing between Rummel Flashback portrait of a famine. Mao: the unknown story 1st American ed. New York: Alfred A Knopf. Courtois, S. The black book of Communism: crimes, terror, repression.

United States: Harvard University Press. Rummel, R. Death by government. Lethal politics: Soviet genocide and mass murder since 1st paperback ed. Statistics of democide: genocide and mass murder since Charlottesville, Virginia: Transaction Publishers. Young, Lance S. This translates into the unnecessary loss of about 3 million young lives a year.

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The Hunger Project firmly believes that empowering women to be key change agents is an essential element to achieving the end of hunger and poverty. Wherever we work, our programs aim to support women and build their capacity. Read more about our work here. Rural Hunger Project partners have access to income-generating workshops, empowering their self-reliance. Our Microfinance Program in Africa provides access to credit, adequate training and instilling in our partners the importance of saving.

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The 11 facts you want are below, and the sources for the facts are at the very bottom of the page. After you learn something, do something! Find out how to take action here. More than 1. Run a food drive outside your local grocery store so people in your community have enough to eat. Sign up for Supermarket Stakeout. More than million people lack adequate access to clean drinking water.

Diarrhea caused by inadequate drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene kills an estimated , people every year globally, or approximately 2, people per day. In , million children under the age 5 were stunted reduced rate of growth and development due to chronic malnutrition. Preventable diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia take the lives of 2 million children a year who are too poor to afford proper treatment.

As of , Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. UK Income Inequality The UK has a very high level of income inequality compared to other developed countries. The graph above does not show the full extent of the difference between the richest and the rest of society. How Income is Shared The graph below shows how income is shared amongst households.