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Monica Kim is assistant professor of history at New York University. She lives in New York City.

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Korean War In-Depth: From Beginning to Armistice

Introduction [PDF]. It will require scholars to fundamentally rethink how we write the history of the Korean War and the international history of the mid-twentieth century. A truly rare combination of conceptual sophistication and gripping storytelling. Douglas MacArthur, center, head of the U.

It’s Been 65 Years. Why Hasn’t the Korean War Ended?

Scenes from the Korean War — The th U. Scenes from the Korean War — North Korean prisoners of war make baskets on the floor of a storage barn at a prison, circa Scenes from the Korean War — Marines use a flamethrower in April Marines duck for cover in a bunker as a shell explodes in April The Soviet Union occupied the area north of the 38th parallel and the United States occupied the area south until North Korea wants reunification under communist rule. Other Facts: The first war in which the United Nations played a role. When asked to send military aid to South Korea,16 countries sent troops and 41 sent equipment or aid.

China fought on the side of North Korea, and the Soviet Union sent them military equipment.

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The casualty toll had been reported as 54, until June , when the Pentagon acknowledged that a clerical error had included deaths outside the Korean War theater in the total. There are 7, American soldiers still unaccounted for from the Korean War as of February There has never been a peace treaty, so technically, the Korean War has never ended.

Other Casualties by Country killed and missing : Source: Encyclopedia Britannica South Korea - , military, 1,, civilian North Korea - , military, , civilian China - , military.

Timeline: November - The United Nations General Assembly approves elections to be held throughout Korea to choose a provisional government for the entire county. The Soviet Union opposes this.

SparkNotes: The Korean War (): Brief Overview

May 10, - The people of South Korea elect a national assembly, setting up the government of the Republic of Korea. The north refuses to take part. June 30, - Truman orders ground troops into action. July - In the first month of the war, US soldiers kill significant numbers of Korean civilians under a bridge, near a village called No Gun Ri.

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  • It is unclear whether the soldiers were ordered to kill civilians or acted on their own. October 25, - Truce talks are moved to Panmunjom. November 27, - Both sides agree the existing battle lines would be the final dividing line between North and South Korea if a truce is reached in 30 days.