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Ken Wiegman, reviewing the album for Alpha Omega News, says, "The new music they played that night was energetic and promising. And so far, the new album, 'The Other Side of Darkness' does not fail to live up to the level of anticipation that was born that night. Francesco states, "This is pure, unapologetic rock, and it succeeds at delivering exactly what it sets out to. Once again, Decyfer Down has created a masterpiece of a collection. Even at its best moments, there's nothing that sets The Other Side of Darkness apart from any other recent rock album, and that is its biggest weakness.

On November 27, , they released a single from the album, called "Nothing More", which went on to peak the Christian Rock charts. It ranked No. Net in top 30 for a week. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Decyfer Down. Hard rock Christian rock alternative rock post-grunge Christian alternative rock. Retrieved March 22, Decyfer Down Announces Bonus Tracks.

Retrieved March 25, Retrieved April 28, Retrieved October 17, Retrieved November 30, CCM Magazine. Retrieved March 31, The Christian Beat. Retrieved March 12, HM Magazine.

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Retrieved May 26, Wouldn't she have been the one visiting at least weekly, seeing the body growing up? Then the physical therapist, who has apparently been running coma girl through her paces for 4 years like a marionette, asks newly awakened girl if she has a swimming pool, or an exercise machine as if said girl has been up and about, making decisions, seeing her home, and had the inside track to her home for the 4 years she'd been asleep.

I am undecided yet as to whether I want to keep listening.

It would only be to listen awestruck to more poorly-thought character and plot devices. View 2 comments. Feb 05, Dichotomy Girl rated it it was ok Shelves: retro , s-reads , read-as-a-kid , open-library , This holds the dubious honor of being the first of my retro rereads, where my memory of it, far surpassed the reality of it. I think this would have been a far better book if it had just explored the hardship of waking up as a 13 year old in a 17 year old body.

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It's bad enough that he's 23 and she is physically 17, but when you take into consideration that she is mentally 13, it's just ooshy! This book was given to me as part of a book share. Jan 30, Arianna Gonzalez rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Waking up from a 4 year coma, shot at 13 and waking finally at the age of Action, mystery, and suspense?

Looking for that type of book, well than this is for you hands down! In my opinion I loved this book! A seventeen year old girl named Stacey finally wakes up from a coma after being shot at the age of thirteen. She questions if it's really her, because obviously shes been unconscious for so long that she questioned if it really was her, in a different body. A 17 year old realistically bu Waking up from a 4 year coma, shot at 13 and waking finally at the age of A 17 year old realistically but still 13 year old mentally.


She later on the story gets told that the her mother was killed, she was killed by the same man that shot her. Reporters come in to question her about what had happened. She does remember the man that killed her mother but not his face, she mistakenly tells the reporter about that, and now shes paranoid that the man will try to find her and kill her to clean up his tracks. It's hard for Stacey to remember him not only because it happened 4 years ago, because she also needs to get used to everything new that had evolved. After her release she goes to her best friends house and she meets this guy named jeff he is attracted to her.

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Later that day she is baby sitting for her neighbors. She hears odd things and calls the police and they conclude it as paranoia.

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There was a party the next day and Jarrod an "unknown" person to Stacey puts something in her drink and takes her outside to do something. Little does she know that is her mothers killer and the person that shot her. Jeff come to the protection and gets Stacey out of the situation and takes Stacey home, but the weird thing is that Stacey never told Jeff exactly where she lived so how could he possibly know? Stacey later then pressed charges on Jarrod because she kind of recognized him so she put him in a line up of the possible killers of her mom and her shooter, afterwards Jarrod threatens Stacey with his friend but Stacey questioned who was his friend?

Tony tells Stacey that on some day he had seen Jeff and Jarrod talking, Stacey didn't know if she wanted to believe it or not. At night Stacey sees something outside, someone broke into her house. She sees Jarrod and he has a gun on him pointed at her head threatening her over and over again, Stacey then grabs handle of the gun, she didn't shoot him she called the cops and they arrested him. In my opinion I feel like this book is perfect if you're looking for a book with mystery, and suspense.

This book gives you all those feels. In my opinion I feel like Jarrod should've been explained more in detail. Not only because he was her mothers killer but because he was kind of unknown in the situation. The suspense of the book was kind of ruined because it was a narrative. It would have been better if it was in third person from Jeff's point of view.

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SInce it was a narrative you could only know what Stacey knew not the thoughts or feelings nor intentions of anybody else. Besides that I love this book!

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I rated this book 5 stars because it filled all my expectations, it didn't leave you with a lciff hanger if explained everything in detail besides Jarrod afar from that it was explained well. I love the anguish and feel the book gives as you read it. Once it grasps your attention it's an automatic page turner. It's one of those books that doesn't take so long to get interesting it already in towards the beginning and it doesn't have any irrelevant nonsense. I would recommend this book to anybody who love a good errie book, or a mystery.

An unforgettable story of a girl that has no clue what is ahead of her Jun 14, Robin added it Shelves: books-i-read-just-for-fun , advisory , ok-books. In this book, Stacy McAdams, just woke up from a 4 year coma. She was shot in the thigh by her mother's murderer and she can't remember his face, and she doesn't believe that the year-old girl's body that she is in is hers, she believes that she is still a year-old girl whose mother is still alive.

This one reporter, Brandi Mayer tries to figure out the whole scoop on Stacy and her mother's murderer. She tries everything to get the murderer's name and description out of Stacy but fortunatel In this book, Stacy McAdams, just woke up from a 4 year coma. She tries everything to get the murderer's name and description out of Stacy but fortunately she can't.

Monty, the young man who brings Stacy her food tries to bring her to a "reporter" for twenty dollars.

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He disappears after the security and everybody else comes to see if Stacy is okay. When Stacy gets home her friend Jan says that she set her up on a date with a guy named Jeff who just transfered from Michigan. Jeff appears and they hit it off really well.